Numerology prediction

Numerology is a science believed to deal with the occult significance of numbers and names. It is believed that many positive and negative vibrations have the concurrence of numerology and each person vibrates with the energy of a certain numerological numbers. The numerology number is calculated on the basis of a person’s date of birth and on the basis of a person’s is proved that each number from 1 to 9 vibrates differently and is responsible for a person’s success or failure. If the numerological readings of a person’s name suggest that it generates negative energies, then improving a letter or a vowel will be the solution. All vibrations attract energies. If positive energies are attracted then the person life will be happy and satisfied and if the person’s numerological name attracts negative then it might lead to misfortune, stress, disappointment and consequence. To avoid such negativity numerological names are prescribed.

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